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Types of Counselling

My Counselling Approach

My counselling and psychotherapy work is termed ‘integrative’ because I incorporate different counselling approaches in my work depending on what best works for you and because different ways of looking at things at different times can be beneficial.

Above everything, how comfortable you feel working with me is the most crucial factor in this work. 

I offer counselling / psychotherapy, in North Devon near Holsworthy, daytime, Monday to Friday with adults and young people 11+


1:1 counselling £55 per session

Trainee counsellor concession £50

1:1 Professional Supervision £55 per hr or £82 per 1 1/2 hours (counsellors or other helping professionals)

I can travel up to 20mins from Holsworthy to meet for walk & talk at an extra £5 per session 


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