Work with adults is usually mainly through talking, although, if you are comfortable with it, creative work such as sand-tray therapy and art can also be very effective in expressing non-verbal emotions making them easier to cope with  once identified and processed.


Walk and talk and animal assisted therapy is also available.  Counselling may also involve looking back to understand where problems originated and why anxieties, depressions and traumas may still have such a hold on us.  


Work with teenagers often comprises of a mixture of talk therapy and play based therapy depending on their age and preference.  What is important is that the balance is uniquely tailored to the indiviual.


Work with children is usually mostly play based using sand-play, art and games.  This can be powerful work, allowing the expression and healthy processing of unspoken emotions. 


Walk and talk and animal assisted therapy is also available. 


I support children to find words to match their feelings and identify strategies that will help them to cope throughout their future life.


Professional supervision for counsellors and other helping professions (eg. NHS, Education, other Services).  


Supervision allows you to explore both your professional and your individual processes in a therapeutic space.