Disclaimer - these photos are not of me or my clients, they are taken from the internet to illustrate that I work with all age groups.


I work with 1:1 with all ages.  Adults, young people and children can all benefit from counselling and psychotherapy.

Working with Adults & teenagers

Work with adults & teenagers is usually mainly through talking, although, if you are comfortable with it, creative work such as sand-tray therapy and art can also be very effective in expressing non-verbal emotions making them easier to cope with  once identified and processed.  Counselling may also involve looking back to understand where problems originated and why anxieties, depressions and traumas may still have such a hold on us.  








Working Outdoors

Walking whilst talking is also an option, for some people this feels less intense than face to face indoors.  Also, being outdoors in a natural environment is now known to have huge mental health benefits. 

Pet Assisted Therapy

if you love animals this can be hugely beneficial, many people feel safer and calmer with a pet to stroke (available at my home nr. Holsworthy with my placid border terrier Winnie).


Working with children

Work with children is usually mostly play based using sand-play, art and games.  This can be powerful work, allowing the expression and healthy processing of unspoken emotions.  I support them to find words to match their feelings and identify strategies that will help them to cope throughout their future life.


I am comfortable working with a great variety of problems and all age groups.   The best thing to do is to come and see me for an initial, free, no obligation 1/2 hour session.

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